The pandemic has changed how we search and look at different spaces. When it comes to buying a home, there’s no going back to congested living at least in urban cities. So, how has it changed the way we create our familiar spaces like home and office? And how even the affordable houses are upgrading their definition of safety?

Reduced Density

The new normal is bringing innovations in the world of architecture. The focus from luxurious and expensive living has shifted to affordable living which is increasing resilience. These new changes will bring a shift to how we live, learn, work, play, and socialize as well. Even affordable housing schemes are building fewer apartments to streamline people’s movement while safeguarding their well-being.

Architectures are planning indoor spaces for privacy and acoustics to facilitate work from home professionals’ needs. In the future, all 2-3 BHK residential apartments in Ahmedabad are likely to bring innovations in terms of health and safety through antibacterial material, dedicated pantry for food, and more.

Air, Light, And Ventilation

AI-driven technology and automation are emerging slowly as millennial families are looking for affordable houses in Ahmedabad that offer spaces for work from home and online classrooms. But we believe it’s a long way to go in India as builders are already facing public health concerns. When it comes to designing public spaces like retail spaces, crowd control is essential to control the spread of germs and pollutants on a daily basis.

Creating interiors is also changing in terms of materials. Architects and designers are seeking construction materials that resist mold growth on walls and ceilings. To ensure moisture-free interiors, paints are being chosen while keeping in mind the antibacterial properties. Moreover, as a part of amenities, home buyers are looking for affordable houses that offer proper maintenance of ventilation, filtration, and cleaning services of the society.

Now comes the question of upcoming home buyers of Ahmedabad. Even when builders are providing brilliant 3 BHK affordable home, what things to look for in a house in this new normal?

For Home Buyers: Designed To Look For In The New Normal

  • Prioritize a self-sufficient neighborhood that is a mix of proximity to all essential and cleanliness!
  • Choose an affordable home that offers quality water with ambient temperature control, along with a high-speed internet connectivity area.
  • Enhanced facility management is essential in a home for easy maintenance and use of the society’s premise.
  • Integration of health parameters is important, and so does greenery. So, focus on daylit spaces and natural ventilation.

Be it an expensive or affordable home, 2020 has changed the way we choose a home to spend the rest of our lives. And as the world of architecture is moving forward, our familiar spaces are likely to evolve to ensure everyone’s safety.