A Leap Towards Infrastructure Development and Urban Housing

In a landmark announcement on February 2nd, Finance Minister Desai unveiled the Gujarat Government's budget for the fiscal year 2024-25, under the leadership of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel. The budget, an impressive allocation of ₹3,32,465 crores, signals a robust plan for the state's infrastructure, urban development, and housing sectors, laying a foundation for a futuristic Gujarat.

Transformative Investments in Infrastructure A significant chunk of the budget, ₹22,163 crores, s dedicated to the Road and Highway Construction Department, aiming at an infrastructural overhaul that promises to revolutionize road and highway connectivity across the state. An additional ₹21,696 crores have been allocated for urban development and housing, ensuring that the dream of owning a home becomes a reality for poor and middle-class families in urban areas.

Bridging Gaps and Connecting Lives To alleviate traffic congestion and enhance urban mobility, the government has earmarked ₹550 crores for the construction of overbridges and underbridges, spearheading efforts to decongest urban centers. Moreover, a substantial provision of ₹3,858 crores has been set aside for ports and transportation, emphasizing the state's commitment to bolstering its transportation infrastructure and port facilities.

A Focus on Rural and Coastal Road Development The budget outlines detailed plans for rural and coastal areas, including UNVEILING GUJARAT'S AMBITIOUS BUDGET FOR FY 2024-25 A LEAP TOWARDS INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT AND URBAN HOUSING Rural Road Network Enhancement: With an allocation of ₹5,000 crores under the CM village road scheme, the budget aims at connecting and improving the road network in rural areas, enhancing accessibility and economic opportunities.

Coastal Highway Projects: A significant investment of ₹2,440 crores is targeted towards coastal highways, including the upgrade of existing roads and the construction of new roads and bridges, with a focus on facilitating smoother trade and commerce through coastal routes.

Promoting Tourism and Cultural Heritage Recognizing the potential of Gujarat's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, the budget includes plans for connecting key tourist destinations such as Dwarka, Pavagadh, and Sasan with improved road infrastructure. An investment of ₹6 crores has been allocated for the development of 17 roads, aiming to boost tourism and accessibility to these iconic locations.

Pioneering Urban Innovations: Gift City Gandhinagar's Gift City, envisioned as India's first smart and sustainable city, is set to emerge as a global finance hub. With plans to expand from 900 acres to 3,300 acres, Gift City is poised to become a model of urban development, integrating work, live, and play environments seamlessly. A budget of ₹100 crores is dedicated to enhancing the Sabarmati Riverfront, further enriching the city's landscape with recreational zones, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities.


Gujarat's budget for FY 2024-25 lays down a visionary roadmap for the state's development, focusing on infrastructural enhancements, urban housing, and sustainable urbanization. With significant investments in roads, transportation, and the innovative development of Gift City, Gujarat is setting a benchmark for comprehensive state development, promising a brighter future for its citizens.