The Short Term impacts would include Liquidity Crunch amongst all asset classes Weak Construction Activity and allied sectors, Low Demand of Luxurious and Ultra-Luxurious Residential Segments

Long term impacts include sizing or houses with people preferring to live in bigger size apartments, requirements of work from home space in apartments, also people preferring balconies and open spaces, high-quality maintenance facility management agencies.

The steps include relaxation from banks and NBFC for construction finance benefits in terms of direct/indirect taxes, decreasing the red tapers in approval of projects, relaxation of some norms for the time be

The developers are having the extra burden of cost due to lack of construction workers also the time value of the project is being incurred for the delay. As of now, gradually the agencies s are coming and the critical parts construction is getting completed .. also the grade developers are not compromising on quality by getting labor from other local sources.

ARHC is a good move, the developer community has availed the decision, it will not only make the laborer’s accessible but also reduce the burden on developers of transportation and accommodation…

The measures include reducing the state taxes, Good infrastructure, benefits from the state government regarding other cesses. Allowance of more SEZ, etc

The company is focusing on digital platforms and pushing through ATL, BTL marketing channels, also the company has flexible payment plans with 80% payment on possession. We are also making on requirement site visits with the necessary site visits with precautions…

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