Vishwanath Builders has believed in developing green spaces right from its foundation more than two decades back. Over time we have contributed our efforts both in physical and pecuniary terms.

In our latest venture at ‘Nanaji Deshmukh Avenue’ shela ; we had envisioned towards green development long ago. Road alignment has been suited towards forming proper catchment area. The lake has been centered towards water percolation and harvesting.

Nearly about 3000 trees have already been planted in this patch by VB, 1000 of which are planted in the AUDA garden spanning over an area of 13 acres. Technical personnel and tools have also been employed to ensure proper natural nutrition to them. Also, utmost care has been taken to maintain and nourish the existing trees. A drip irrigation system has been worked out intricately to nurture these saplings. The running length of the drip pipeline goes beyond 3000metres in length. This has been possible with the support and legal assistance of the authority.

Every home is beautiful. Its the journey towards the home where the expectation of the patrons lies. We work towards delivering both. The word “Green” has become clićhed nowadays. A green building doesn’t necessarily convey a green living. A proper balance of both is what we constantly strive to achieve.

Experience all this for yourself supported by proper facts and figures conveying the honesty and endeavor with which the work is done. Visit us at ’17 ND Avenue’; a personification of our green efforts.