Investing in real estate properties is always considered a wise decision in India, considering the ever developing industry and a thriving economy. For Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), it is all the more popular because along with a good ROI, it also gives them one more way to be connected to their homeland.

In this blog, we want to bring to light the benefits of investing in a space in India for NRIs and help them make an informed decision.

For any kind of investor, the main motive is to gain a substantial amount of interest on the invested capital. Among all the available options for investments in India, the new generation, both Indian and Non Indian residents, is now more inclined towards investing in real estate over gold and equity. Residential properties are gaining more attention compared to any other type of real estate.

One of the favourable reasons for an NRI to invest in a space in India is credit. While, credit score affects a lot of financial decisions for an NRI in their own market, such is not the case in India. Credit scores have a direct impact of housing prices and investment opportunities in the western world. In India, a major part of the economy is still in the unorganized sector and fortunately, that works in the favour of NRIs when it comes to investing in real estate.

One more factor working in the favour of NRIs is the value of Indian Rupee against other major currencies. This gives NRIs a better opportunity to invest in the Indian market as they get more value for the currency that they bring to India.

Your own home being the most comfortable space, buying a home in their homeland can be the best place for NRIs to spend time in and create memories in when they visit India. This way, it proves to be not just an investment option but also provides an emotional connection.

Over the last few decades, the real estate industry has seen a major boom in the Indian investment market. In comparison to a few years back, when there were not too many real estate developers, the commissions were high and the conditions worked more in the favour of the developers. With time, this structure has improved with better transparency in the terms & conditions, quicker grievance solutions and an increase in available options for the investors in all the real estate segments like residential, commercial, etc.

In Conclusion:

The real estate development market has proven to grow constantly and rapidly and is considered one of the best sectors to invest in. The real estate sector has provided their investors a generous amount of returns on their investment and will continue to do so. If you have not yet invested in the real estate market, this is the right time to do so rather than waiting any longer.